Contest Timeline

August 7st – October 15th, 2022

Winner Announcement Date:
October 20th, 2022 6PM (GMT-2:30)

$2,500 in CASH

How to Enter:

  1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Take a photo of yourself engaging in an activity that fits 1 of our 3 categories
  3. Post photo on your profile, tag Atlantic Standard HVAC page with a sentence telling us what you’re doing, and use hashtag #ASHGoGreenGiveaway
  4. Repeat! Every tagged photo to our page is an entry.
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    Contest Rules

      1. Human Powered/Outdoor Activities:
        Human powered activities are movement driven by you that results in an exertion of energy. This includes hiking, running, cycling, biking, swimming or kayaking.

        Grab your sneakers, bike, kayak, scooter, canoe or wheelchair and show us your contribution!

        What are the benefits of these activities?
        These activities do not generate any noise pollution, nor do they consume resources such as fossil fuels to drive your movements. Additionally, these activities have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. A win-win for everyone!


      2. Zero Waste Reduction Activities:
        This group of activities is broad and sees us reducing waste by making good choices in our daily lives for the environment. This includes bringing only reusable dishes to your picnic, bringing a reusable cup to the local cafe, composting, upcycling an old item or donating gently used clothing/furniture to those in need – instead of throwing them out!

        Grab your reusable cup, a blue bag or your handy upcycling work and show us your contribution!

        What are the benefits of these activities?
        These activities conserve natural resources and minimize pollution, therefore reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy. Reducing the amount of waste generated by each individual, greatly helps protect the environment.


      3. Supporting the Ecosystem Activities:
        Supporting our natural ecosystem means preserving our natural resources we rely on and contributing to its growth where possible. This includes planting veggies in your garden, planting flowers that attract pollinators, collecting rainwater as water source for gardening, and shopping at a local farmers market!

        What are the benefits of these activities?
        Activities that support the ecosystem creates a positive ecological impact. We are dependent on natural ecosystems to survive from the food we eat to the water we drink and the transformation of raw materials into our everyday products so in order to keep our living conditions it’s extremely important we preserve natural ecosystems! Our ecosystems also benefit our health both directly and indirectly and are a major source or artistic inspiration, scientific discovery and recreation. Help contribute positively to food security by planting fruits and veggies.